Myotech Dry Needles 0.30x40mm, Box/100



High-grade German surgical steel

Parylene-coated needle body for maximum comfort upon insertion

Micro-channeled needle body

Thicker handle with improved grip provides improved dexterity when needling

Myotech enables a deeper penetration with a smoother insertion

Box of 100 Myotech Dry Needles

Other Details
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Dimensions (W x H x D)
2.5 x 5.0" x 2.25""


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Written by undefined on Nov 6th 2016

Overall a nice product but ...

These needles have great feel and the handle affords nice control. The only problem I have encountered is with the glue used to fix the needle to the tube. The amount of glue appears to be inconsistent. Sometimes there is too little glue and the needle is already loose in the tube when preparing to use. Other times there is too much glue and the needle will not easily fall down the tube and gets stuck. This impeded the ease of use, and is something that could definitely be improved.

Written by Travis S. on Nov 24th 2015

Great sturdy needle

I have been very impressed with this product. The tap in and slide through tissue is incredibly easy on both the practitioner and patient. The metal tips allow for easy delivery of alligator clip electrical stimulation as well. When asking my patients they do prefer the Myotech to any other brand that I have used.

Written by Kate Spencer, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS on Nov 1st 2015

Great Results

I wasn't sure if needles could really feel better to the patient so I asked a few clients to let me know if they felt a difference when I first started using the Myotech needles. While needling is an inherently uncomfortable procedure, I found there were fewer instances of 'pinchy' entrances, and have had great results with less soreness after. Combining that with the great look and feel of the needle to me, the practitioner, and I am a definite fan of these needles.