We believe the practice of dry needling is fundamentally different than acupuncture, and we believe the common goal of all healthcare providers is to improve the lives of our patients.  Why do you dry needle?  



 Based on combined decades of clinical practice - we have seen dry needling improve clinical outcomes, enhance performance, and manage chronic pain; but most importantly – help people.  



As educators, we've seen the maturation and evolution of dry needling and are committed to pushing and upholding the high standards of alternative healthcare with innovative products and providing resources for dry needling clinicians. 



Why Myotech

Unlike acupuncture needles, Myotech Dry Needles were developed exclusively with dry needling clinicians in mind.  Myotech is the first industry-specific needle made from high-grade German surgical stainless steel and coated in parylene to improve patient comfort, clinician dexterity, and smoother insertion.  Myotech Dry needles are the needle brand of choice for iDryNeedle and our patients.