Myotech VI Series .30 x 50mm - 480/box

$56.00 $70.00

Myotech VI Series bring the same quality of the Myotech Dry Needles family to a cost-effective and clutter-free multi-pack. 

Each box contains 480 needles, with inner packaged tray of 6 needles + 1 guide tube.


**No discount codes allowed for exclusive introductory offer - available only as supplies last**


Features of Myotech Dry Needles

High-grade German surgical steel

Parylene-coated needle body for maximum comfort upon insertion

Micro-channeled needle body

Thicker handle with improved grip provides improved dexterity when needling

Myotech enables a deeper penetration with a smoother insertion


Other Details
Available now as a limited release - only as supplies last. Usually ships in 2-3 business days


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