Myotech Dry Needles 0.30x50mm, Box/100



High-grade German surgical steel

Parylene-coated needle body for maximum comfort upon insertion

Micro-channeled needle body

Thicker handle with improved grip provides improved dexterity when needling

Myotech enables a deeper penetration with a smoother insertion

Box of 100 Myotech Dry Needles

Other Details
Usually ships in 2-3 business days
Dimensions (W x H x D)
3.5 x 3.75" x 2.25""


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Written by SG on Mar 6th 2018

Dry Needles

They are the best.

Written by undefined on Jan 12th 2017

Good quality

takes the hassle out of needling. would definitely recommend

Written by Joe Biland on Sep 28th 2016

Best Needles Available

Cleanest insertion, easy pistoning and I love the ability to stim without having to use a needle way longer than necessary just to have more metal exposed.

Written by Chad Molen on May 30th 2016

Best needle out there

I have been dry needling for about 2 years and have tried various needles but the myotech needles are the best and I don't plan on going elsewhere from here on out.

Written by undefined on May 10th 2016

no comparison

These are the best needles I have ever used, multiple passes without dulling, smooth glide without bending... I will use no other!

Written by Ashlea on Jan 27th 2016

Great Quality

These needles are much higher quality than any others I have used.

Written by undefined on Jan 22nd 2016

Great needle, disappointing tube

Thoroughly enjoy using the high quality needle however frequently have issues with the tube pulling the needle out while removal after tap in.

Written by undefined on Sep 24th 2015

We will never buy the old style needles again!

These are a much better quality and stronger than the acupuncture needles we've been using. And it is much more effective being able to use the same needle over and over since it doesn't bend like the cheaper needles. So it saves us money in the long run! We will never buy the old style needles again!