Electrical Stimulation Unit Pointer Excel LT


The Pointer Excel LT is the latest and most advanced hand held T.E.N.S. device with an effective, easy to use push button stimulator. Features a built-in, 0.35" x 1.0" LCD digital meter that displays both frequency and location.

This device features two grounding plates (allowing use with either left or right hands) as well as a hand probe with grounding pole and attached wire. Two probe tips are included with unit: ear 2 mm (0.08") and body 4 mm (0.16"). Other standard accessories include 9 volt battery, carrying case, and instructions.

Warranty: 1 year, unit only

Ergonomically designed, lightweight and easy to use.

  • LCD digital meter displays both frequency and location
  • Easy to use push button stimulation
  • Polarity reversal: tonication (+), and sedation (-)
  • Adjustable pulse mode: range between 1 and 16 Hz

 **No discount codes applicable with Pointer Excel II LT**

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Written by Robert Whittaker on Jan 14th 2017

Good addition to FDN

Definitely love using this in addition to FDN especially for low back and neck